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The Bogdan Problem Subreddit

BogdanProblem is a subreddit for GTA Online players to find partners to grind the Doomsday Act 2 heist with. All platforms are welcomed. Note that scamming will result in a ban. - A list of scammers is available in the sidebar and menu tab. - Also, NEW ACCOUNTS < 30 DAYS OLD HOST FIRST. This is to prevent potential scammers using alternative accounts.

TIFU by reporting a bug I found on an online casino site

This happened a few hours ago.
The session lasted 9 hours and consisted of a roulette strategy that immediately began to generate huge profits without constant accumulated losses one after the other. This strategy did not allow to lose more than three times in a row in an automatic bet. It was like this for 9 hours.
Three hours in, when I was up 8 or 9k$, I got in touch with the live chat and told them I could have found a bug because I was winning too much. Yes, that's what I did. They said they'll investigate. I kept winning, and when I reached 15k$ , I started to withdraw. After withdrawing the first 5k they froze my account. I could still play, but I couldn't get any money out of my wallet. The administrator sent me a message when I was at 38k and told me that yes, there was a bug. In the end, he left me 6.5k, and I got the XP points. Bug bounty I guess.
I still can't breathe when I think about it.
TL;DR I went from $250 ton 38k$ in 9 hours using simple strategy, let support know about "too good to be true" winnings and they confirmed "a bug". They let me keep 6,5k$ tho.
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Five Top Online Casinos and Best Casino Sites

Five Top Online Casinos and Best Casino Sites
Top online casinos and some of the best casino sites enable people to play and bet money on casino games over the internet. It is a popular form of online gambling. Online Casinos typically offer odds and payback percentages that are marginally better than a physical casino. Some online casinos report higher payback percentages for slot machine games and some post payout percentage audits on their sites. Assuming that the online casino uses a correctly designed random number generator, table games like blackjack have a fixed house bottom. The payout rule for these games is determined by the rules of the game.

Which Are the Five Top Online Casinos in 2020?

New top online casinos are opened every month, and some existing casinos are folding and leaving the industry every year. Below you'll find five of the best online casinos for both desktop and smartphone users.
  1. Spin Casino
Launched in 2017, Spin Casino is one of the fastest rising online casinos in the world. The fact that it was one of the most recommended gambling sites in 2019 suggests something about its management. Just like other online casinos considered to be the best, Spin Casino provides games from top developers, including Play n Go, Netent, IGT, Microgaming and Play Soft.
  1. Slotty Casino
Slotty is one of the best online ask it casinos. It has top reviews by its players, quick and reliable customer support and a wide range of games. Slotty provides one of the largest variety of slots you can find online. It has more than 1000 games, all of which generate bonuses up to the fourth deposit. Released in 2014, Slotty has become one of the biggest names in the industry, part if which is owner to the fact that players from all over the world are welcomed. The site supports eleven major European Languages.
  1. 888 Casino
888 Casino is one of the biggest brands in the industry. The gambling website launches in 1997, which means it has been on the online market for 23 years now. More than 100 countries with progressive gambling laws have access to the 888 Casino. It supports more than 10 forms of payment, including Skrill and Paypal. Regardless of which payment option you choose, you get 100% deposit bonus up to $200 on your first deposit. The bonus can be used to play whichever game you want and the customer service will respond in less than an hour.
  1. Vegas Online Casino
Vegas Online Casino has established a reputation for doing business fairly, which is a real bonus in an industry where scams and fraudulent sites create major problems for players. Video poker enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the casino's wide variety of power variants. Almost 30 unique play options are available, All America and Deuces Wild included. If poker isn’t your thing, you can go for other typical table games like craps and roulette, or explore the casino's range of slot games.
  1. Royal Panda
Royal Panda offers a fantastic variety of slots and table games suitable for any device, including smartphones. It has a very attentive and responsive customer service and some of the quickest payments in the industry. Also, huge jackpots are up for grabs. Royal Panda Casino has forever transformed the landscape by putting consumers first, hosting fun games and providing absolute transparency. Based in the international gaming nexus of Malta, the casino welcomes players from around the globe. The website even holds multiple international licenses.

What Are the Best Casino Sites?
• Casiplay Casino is one of the most inspiring and best casino sites in the world. Where other sites have a simpler website design, Casiplay is rich in functionality. The graphics are stunning and support hundreds of games. Casiplay's owner or William Hill, the UK's famous sports bookmaker. • NY Spins Casino was launched in 2018 as a web-based gambling platform for both mobile and desktop devices. It has gained popularity by providing quick pay-outs, having an efficient site and customer service and support from the biggest game developers. • Bet MGM Casino NJ has a large selection of video slots, table games and other betting choices that are fun to play thanks to the design futures from developers like IGT and Lightningbox. The very best thing about BetMGM Casino NJ is that you can use it to gamble on countless different sporting events as well as daily casino games. NBA, Premier Leaugue soccer, NFL and other major leagues are covered in depth through the bookie section on the website. • Wild Casino is a platform that offers players the chance to access a number of different games. All you need to do is use the navigation menu at the top of the website to get to them. The games that make up the Wild Casino lobby come from Betsoft, a successful and we’ll know provider, and Nucleus Gaming, a rarer but equally appealing developer. This guarantees that the lobby has a variety of games that you can access, many of which feature amazing graphics and exciting gameplay in categories such as slots, blackjack and table games. • Euro Palace offers you both of both worlds, if you are looking for amazing games and the best casino site. As the name suggests, the elegant palatial atmosphere would attract the most discerning players. Instead of being noisy and distracting by clashing colours and bulky pictures, the understated, uncluttered site with an elegant dark blue backdrop offers the ideal atmosphere to let the games take center stage. Euro Palace has become a top digital casino destination for sophisticated players from a variety of countries.
Whether you were looking for the top online casinos or wanted to know what are the best casino sites that offer an amazing graphic experience, this is the list for you. As an afterthought, you should know that most of the online casinos buy or rent their software from companies like International Game Technology, Amaya, Microgaming, Playtech, CryptoLogic, Golden Race or Realtime Gaming.
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Will the pandemic lead to mass adoption of crypto?

Will the pandemic lead to mass adoption of crypto?
Some blockchain enthusiasts are saying that the coronavirus will be the catalyser they've been waiting for – the switch that will take us from the fiat era to the crypto era. Here at, we're a bit more realistic than that.
Sure, in a worldwide lockdown people will use cash much less. And even when they do go out and pay with fiat, it will be contactless – because who wants to touch those POS buttons?
But going cashless isn't the same as going crypto. Fiat will still be with us after the pandemic. Still, there is a very exciting opening for cryptocurrencies in some industries.
iGaming is the best example. As brick-and-mortar casinos and bookie stores close, gambling is moving online. Online casinos report a 2x increase in new users. As you know, is the no.1 crypto payment provider in iGaming, and we're definitely seeing a rise in the number of transactions.
What do you think? Will the pandemic help the mass adoption of crypto? And if so, in which industries – e-commerce, DeFi, something else? Share in the comments!
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Colorado online sportsbooks will report 1099s to IRS of your winnings >$600 and you can't deduct losses from AGI. Wondering if in-person bets will require an 'account' for the casinos to track us and report to IRS? If not, in person betting is better than mobile it seems.

Update: To anyone reaching this post late, I have good news. I misinterpreted what I was reading from fanduel and draft kings. The 1099 reporting of $600 or more only relates to daily fantasy sports.
Now that they have legitimate sports books, sports book winnings are NOT reported to the IRS unless you win a bet at 300-1 or more odds, and in that case a W2-G would be given to you and the IRS. And if that 300-1 or more win is $5k+, the sports book is also be required to withhold 24% on you're behalf and remit that portion to the IRS upfront. Pro-tip: Don't be betting 300-1 or more long shots anyways.
All of this being said, even wins that aren't required to be reported to the IRS from the sports book via a W2-G, you are supposed to nevertheless claim the wins as income anyways which probably no one is doing. Talk to your accountant or tax advisor. Just be careful and personally, I still like in-person bets if you can make it to the casino sports book in Cripple Creek/Black Hawk/Central City because then you're dealing with cash rather than documented bank transfers to and from sports books.
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Check out The Sports Report - Gambling Related News, Predictions, Write-ups, and bonus offers from the biggest Online Casinos/Sportsbooks

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Global Online Casino Market will generate new Growth Opportunities by 2027| Detailed Research Report

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BlockStamp Bounty Vloggers and Bloggers Wanted! Here are Some Ideas that Might Win You Up to 1,000 BST

BlockStamp Bounty Vloggers and Bloggers Wanted! Here are Some Ideas that Might Win You Up to 1,000 BST
Round II of the BlockStamp Bounty Campaign is already underway!
It is a great follow-up to Round I, which was a big success at the beginning of March. BlockStampers were so quick to participate that the BST (the BlockStamp crypto coin) available for the round was allocated in only 9 days — 5 days faster than we expected!
Thank you, BlockStamp Nation! You all are great!

In Round II, we want to encourage bounty hunters to put out some original blog articles and videos about the project.

Everyone involved in the BlockStamp project stands to benefit when you share your thoughts about it. We all want to make this project a success and the only way we’re going to get there is to work together!
So get in there, see what is going on with BlockStamp, play around with the live applications, and tell us all about it!
Here’s where to sign up.
There you can see some basic guidelines about how much you can earn more than 500 BST for bounty tasks.
Specifically, we want to give you up to 1,000 BST for great blog articles and video reports.
Remember that this is “real” money — that you exchange for fiat on an exchange. We don’t recommend it (treat it as investment!) but the choice is yours.
Wondering where to start? Here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction and jumpstart your creativity.

You can produce some great content about BlockStamp without spending any BST!

BlockStamp is a relatively new project so you might want to get your first BST by participating in this Bounty Campaign.
So here are some ideas you can do right away. Just sign up and start blogging or vlogging.
  • Give us your first impressions of the project. First impressions from newbies are often just as valuable as detailed feedback from experienced community members. Remember that adoption is a HUGE crypto success factor! And we need to people who are starting from zero to understand the project and get involved. So start from zero and help other people do the same thing. For example, you can simply check out our webpage and blog or vlog about how you understand the project, how we compare to other crypto projects you know about, etc.
  • While you are on our webpage, you can see our project timeline. Pick a specific point on it — past, present, or future — to comment about. Have you seen technology like this anywhere else? Are our plans realistic? Do you want to see us develop something different?
  • Blog or vlog about signing up for the BlockStamp online wallet. Live record your screen or take screenshots for a blog article. TIP: make sure to highlight the difference between wallet ID and wallet address. That has tripped up a few new BlockStampers before…. and that’s OK. We want to include everyone — yes, that means crypto newbies too — in this project and you can help us do it!
  • Install hprox, share your IP address with the network, and show everyone how much BST you earned yesterday!
  • Pick one of our blog articles and respond to it with your own blog article. For example, maybe you’ve seen an online casino that is more transparent or has less fees than BlockStamp Games? Tell us about it! (Hint: we don’t think you have ;))
  • Screen record a walkthrough of yourself verifying a bet on BlockStamp Games. Here’s an article with all the key details — but we want to see some good video versions! You can also feel free to blog about it in your own words.

You can boost your chances of a big bounty payday by getting some BST and using it for your story!

There’s an old saying that you’ve got to spend money to make money. Not entirely true in this campaign — see above!
But you probably can raise your chances of creating killer content worth more than 500 BST (that’s over ~$150 at today’s rates) by getting just a little BST to play around in support of your content.
Imagine, for example, that you buy $10 worth of BST (at, for example), gamble with it on BlockStamp Games, and prepare some excellent content about your experience…. that gives you $100 in bounty rewards.
That’s 10X returns! Not to mention that you can win more with your bets on BlockStamp Games and can statistically break even, at least, if you know how (see below).
So here are a few ideas to get you thinking.
  • Use hprox to access content that might be blocked by your corporate firewall or ISP. Record yourself trying to open a page without using hprox and then actually opening it with hprox. You need only a few BST to do so — just a few cents to give an example like this.

Vlog or write about your use of BlockStamp Games! Lots of directions you could go here.

  • We’d love to see some selfie videos of you winning a huge jackpot! Just record your screen and your expressions with your cam. You’re already a winner and then we’ll pay you more when we use your video! A true win-win.
  • Verify your own bet on BlockStamp Games. Same as someone else’s as above — only this one is yours.
  • Feeling more conservative? Gamble the same amount with the same bet every time. Becuse the platform is so fair, you are statistically likely to break even within the chosen parameters. For example, in roulette you have 1/36 odds. So if you make the same bet 36 times, statistically you will at least make your money back.
  • Do a “Pepsi challenge” between BlockStamp Games and any other online casino. Make the same bets in the same games (currenly, you can play roulette or lottery games at BlockStamp Games) with $10 worth of BST at BlockStamp Games and $10 worth of fiat or crypto at another online casino. Report on your results in a blog article (screenshots, please!) or screencast the entire thing. Let’s see how much you end up winning or losing at the end of it all! Hint: we’re practically certain you’ll be luckier at BlockStamp Games :)
Remember that these are just a few ideas to get you started. Your own creativity is welcome, and we love fresh perspectives. Happy content creation, BlockStamp Bounty Hunters!
About BlockStamp:
BlockStamp is a multipurpose Bitcoin blockchain fork developed to promote liberty, transparency, and sovereignty in areas of the digital economy where these fundamental values are most at risk. BlockStamp hosts a radically fair gambling platform, a digital tool for transparently sealing data, a censorship-proof internet Domain Naming System, and the BST crypto coin.
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04-26 16:24 - 'Kim Jong Un Reportedly Dead, Online Bookmakers Refrain From Offering Odds' ( by /u/CapitalCourse removed from /r/worldnews within 15-25min

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Dead, Online Bookmakers Refrain From Offering Odds
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Author: CapitalCourse
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DoJ Reportedly Plans Reversal of 2011 Wire Act Decision, Could Affect Poker, Online Casinos, Lotteries
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Church of England Savages Wayne Rooney For Appearing in Online Casino’s Video - Report

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GTA Online Revovery! Cheap ✅ GTA$, RP, Unlocks + Reset bad sports and reports ✅ 100% safe ✅ PayPal and Paysafecard accepted ✅ Free money drops ✅ Always on newest update (1.48, Casino, currently updating on 1.49, Casino Heist)) ✅ For Steam and Social Club on PC ✅ 100 satisfied customers.✅

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GTA Online Revovery! Cheap ✅ GTA$, RP, Unlocks + Reset bad sports and reports ✅ 100% safe ✅ PayPal and Paysafecard accepted ✅ Free money drops ✅ Always on newest update (1.48, Casino, currently preparing for 1.49, Casino Heists)) ✅ For Steam and Social Club on PC ✅

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GTA Online Revovery! Cheap ✅ GTA$, RP, Unlocks + Reset bad sports and reports ✅ 100% safe ✅ PayPal and Paysafecard accepted ✅ Free money drops ✅ Always on newest update (1.48, Casino, currently preparing for 1.49, Casino Heists)) ✅ For Steam and Social Club on PC ✅ Exactly 100 Members ✅

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GTA Online Revovery! Cheap ✅ GTA$, RP, Unlocks + Reset bad sports and reports ✅ 100% safe ✅ PayPal and Paysafecard accepted ✅ Free money drops ✅ Always on newest update (currently 1.48, Casino) ✅ For Steam and Social Club on PC ✅

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@CBCNews: RT @LaurenPelley: Welcome to #VegasNorth, everyone. 🍻 Booze at 9 a.m., online gambling and more combat sports feature heavily in PC budget, @lucasbpowers reports. My question now: Is a casino at Ontario Place next?

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ULPT: Gamble online with your credit card. If you lose, report the charge as fraudulent. As banks don't want to do business with online casinos and you were never sold any actual goods, they won't dispute your claim.

As an additional bonus you'll be put on the online casino's blacklist, which means you shouldn't ever gamble again, because even if you win they won't ever pay you.
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2019 Gaming Report: Focus on Casino Companies, Their Suppliers, Lottery, Online and Interactive, and Pari-Mutuel Companies - GlobeNewswire

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Gaming Report, 2019: Full Suite - Casino Companies & Their Suppliers, Lottery, Online & Interactive, and Pari-Mutuel Companies - - Business Wire

Gaming Report, 2019: Full Suite - Casino Companies & Their Suppliers, Lottery, Online & Interactive, and Pari-Mutuel Companies - - Business Wire submitted by g4m3f33d to GameFeed [link] [comments]

Online Gambling Tax Question

I can’t wrap my head around how this makes sense so posting here in case someone can help or other people may need help as this is getting more common.
Deposited $250 into a popular sportsbook/casino. Played for one night on and off for a few hours in casino and sports bets and after a few bad bets lost it all.
Looking at the win/loss statement it says:
Wins:$5K Losses: $5.25K
Googling and looking at how this impacts taxes I would have to claim the $5k as “Other Income” and itemize my losses as deductions but standard deduction is higher.
Do I really have to pay $1.2K (24% of winnings) in taxes on winnings I don’t even have?
If this is the case it seems VERY flawed to even use online casinos and honestly will never touch them again as a few hours on blackjack basically cost me $1200.
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The Trend of Online Casino Gaming around the world & Its Market Research and Forecasts report to 2025

Online Casino Gaming
Casino games can also be played outside casinos for entertainment purposes such as in parties or in school competitions. The games which are available in casinos are known as casino games. Casino games are also available in online casinos. The demand for casino gaming has increased due to increase in the variety of games. Previously, online casino gaming were not preferred because of low affordability, limited awareness, and high risks. However, with the rise in income levels and an increase in investments by vendors in the security of online platforms, the market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period.
To get a complete report sample
Online gaming provides players with a wider range of casino gaming options, which is one of its most attractive features. Web-based casino gaming allows users to access and play casino gaming at their convenience. Computing and mobile devices are increasing the reach of casino gaming among consumers. Online casino gaming operators use mobile ads, to reach out to the untapped group of the population which refrains from going to a betting venue, and encourages them to try online gaming. The demand for casino gaming has increased due to increase in the variety of games. Previously, online casino gaming were not preferred because of low affordability, limited awareness, and high risks.
Top Key Players:-
· Caesars Entertainment Corporation
· Boyd Gaming Corporation
· Intralot SA
· Las Vegas Sands Corporation
Get more details @
However, with the rise in income levels and an increase in investments by vendors in the security of online platforms, the market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period.
The report includes the revenue generated from casino gaming industry across the globe. On the basis of type, the market is segmented into bingo, Baccarat, Keno, Black Jack and others. Based on mode, the market is categorized online and offline. Geographically, this report is classified into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa.

About Global Market Forecasts

Global Market Forecast is a global business intelligence and consulting firm aimed at assisting our clients to make critical business decisions and achieve exponential growth in their business. We focus on emerging markets and technologies, and insights on niche markets. Our reports include information on recent trends and innovations. Our pool of more than 300 off-shelf reports in each industry and customized reports based on the client’s requirement aids our client in making faster business decisions.

Contact Details
Company Name: Global Market Forecasts
Tel: +1-201-564-4683 / +44-33-0606-0991
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List of Known Bugs In The Cayo Perico Heist DLC + GTA Online:

To avoid multiple, repetitive post on all the bugs in GTA online, especially since the latest DLC release, this post will contain all the common bugs and will be updated as more are discovered and workarounds are found.
Please leave any other bugs you've encountered in the comments below and they may be added to the above list, but please note that this is not meant to be a discussion thread, it's meant to list common bugs so players who encounter them know they are not the only ones experiencing them.
Any comments/replies beyond simply listing a bug will be removed, and the user may be temporarily banned from the sub.
Before leaving a comment, please review the above list, and the comments below to see if what you're about to post has already been listed or commented on.
If you see a comment with the same bug you've experienced, please upvote it so we can see how many others are also experiencing that issue.
Posts about any of these bugs will be removed.

Bugs related to the Cayo Perico Heist DLC:

  1. Not being able to join friends / error message displaying prompt declaring a certain player hasn’t finished the GTA Online tutorial.
  2. Not being able to deliver various pieces of heist equipment to the Kosatka during missions.
  3. During the Plasma Cutters mission, taking a picture of the heist prep board in the safe house won’t register and you can’t send it too Pavel to progress the mission.
  4. During the RO-86 Alkonost Plane delivery mission and the Velum delivery mission, the delivery checkpoint will be stationed at the casino, either the garage, front door, or music locker enterances will be highlighted.
  5. During the Longfin boat delivery mission the delivery checkpoint will not register the Longfin once it has reached it destination.
  6. When poisoning the water tower on Cayo Perico, players have reported either themselves or other players dying randomly.
  7. When hacking into El Rubio’s compound, players have reported being stuck on a static as the game loads the cameras in the compound.
  8. When quitting GTA Online after doing a Cayo Perico Heist mission prep, the game won’t save your last prep, requiring you to do it again.
  9. The Cayo Perico primary target value will sometimes not display correctly and there as issue the incorrect amount of money for stealing the primary target on hard mode.
  10. In the Cayo Perico heist finale, selecting the drainage point as your entrance into the compound won’t register correctly on your map, with the highlighted icon being the main entrance rather than the back.
  11. All of the Pariah’s spoilers won’t display visually for any player.
  12. When using the track pad to open the interaction menu on the PS5, the game soft locks you out of using your interaction menu again.
  13. When escaping the compound, sometimes the boats at both the main dock and north dock won’t spawn.
  14. Killing the juggernuat may cause the alarms to go off in the compound, even if done stealthy.
  15. Both the Tom Conners missions and the English Dave missions sometimes bug up and don't allow you to deliver an objective to the yellow circle.
  16. When entering the compound, plyers are reporting disconnects, either the host of the heist leaves the game or another team member will leave randomly.
  17. When leaving the compound, the game will not give you a way to escape, leaving you softlocked in the compound.
  18. In the heist finale screen, platers report not being able to buy a heist support crew.
  19. When completing the Cayo Peico heist, players report that they discount from the game as soon as the heist is finished, leaving them without their payment.
  20. Some players report that the payouts are incorrect when being divided out to players, as an example, a 30/70 payout will change to a 15/85 payout when the heist ends.
  21. Some players report losing their payout as soon a they reset the game.
  22. Prep missions for the Cayo Perico heist will not start randomly.
  23. During the Alkonost setup mission the laptop needed to progress the prep mission will not spawn.
  24. During the Alkonost setup mission the plane will start smoking instantly when leaving the hanger, causing the plane to prematurely blow up before the mission ends.
  25. When scoping out Cayo Perico for the second time, (steal the plane from the drug dealers,) the yellow dot mission marker will not display, not allowing the player to fly to Cayo Perico.
  26. During the scope-out mission for Cayo Perico, players report the supply truck not spawning in.
  27. When collecting the Chakra Stones for English Dave, collecting all he stones will not prompt the next mission objective.
  28. When trying to obtain the safe codes from the head of security the casino penthouse, players report the main target not spawning, effectivly softlocking the player in the penthouse.
  29. "Invisible guards" patrol the compound after you rob it, resulting in your player character getting caught.
  30. Guards will sometimes not show up on the radar when on the Cayo Perico heist finale.
  31. Players report different weapon loadouts, entry points, and exit points on the final heist rather than what they choose on the finale screen.
  32. Players report that when entering the drainage pipe and surfacing into the compound, the game breaks stealth and puts you into combat.
  33. The Madrazo files will sometimes get replaced with an entirely different target all together on a first run of the Cayo Perico heist.
  34. Delivering anything to the Music Locker will sometimes not work.

Bugs related to the Casino Heist DLC and GTA Online Broadly:

  1. Cannot deliver heist prep equipment: The vehicle will enter the yellow circle and nothing will happen.
  2. Cannot deliver product from businesses: The drop/delivery won't register, or you enter the delivery circle and it won't register.
  3. Cannot deliver Business Battle goods: Will not register when entering the yellow circle.
  4. Falling through the map.
  5. Getting stuck in the man trap or spawning under the map during the Casino Heist, or being disconnected.
  6. Oppressor MKI, or any car floating in the air.
  7. Flying over the water and respawning on the beach.
  8. Changing lobbies but being put back into the same one.
  9. Not receiving Elite bonuses after completing the Casino Heist.
  10. Starting a Casino Heist and having no objective point on the map, causing players to have to leave the lobby.
  11. Having to setup the Arcade again after previously doing the setup mission.
  12. Vehicles/aircraft not spawning after being requested either from the mechanic, Ms. Baker, or through the interaction menu.
  13. Nightclub technicians will stop producing certain products.
  14. Certain vehicles losing their resistance to rockets/explosives. MOC, Avenger, etc...
  15. Infinite loading screens
  16. White screening during the Casino Heist end screens.
  17. Heist cuts not being properly distributed after completing Heists.
  18. Casino Heist being stuck once you leave the arcade: Can't move, etc...
  19. Rewards in Arena Wars, or other jobs, not being properly calculated for the person in first place.
  20. Trade prices not unlocking after completing the Casino Heist.
  21. When searching for a casino heist through quick job in your cellphone, there's a chance it bugs out and upon joining the room, you're unable to see the finale board where you'd normally see the percentages and ready status.
  22. On silent and sneaky, there's a chance the guards that are supposed to be moving around and patrolling stand completely still. This is both helpful and annoying in different parts of the heist and if you haven't got duggan shipments completed, you're pretty much fucked or forced to get creative.
  23. On Big Con, sometimes the exit disguises don't spawn even though the run was done completely undetected (I've experienced this with gruppe sechs entry).
  24. When collecting daily vault, sometimes it might happen that you get stuck in the animation without being able to stop.
  25. The stockade sometimes spawns in the wrong arcade.
  26. Getting stuck in an endless dancing loop during the Casino Heist setup for the level 2 keycards.
  27. Incorrect getaway vehicles will spawn for the Casino Heist.
  28. In Sumo(Remix) the wrong team will be awarded the win.
  29. Mechanic will sometimes not spawn and the player will not be able to modify their vehicles.
  30. MC business raids not sending message to players.
  31. Dying during the explosives prep mission for the Casino heist can lead to a long, or infinite respawn.
  32. During the Prison Break Heist Rashkovsky will not move, be invisible, or die after parachuting from the plane at the end of the Heist.
Please report bugs directly to Rockstar You can also link this post to them as well.
If you have lost money due to a bug, please open a support ticket.
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The Ultimate Parlay: DraftKings ($DKNG)

The Ultimate Parlay: DraftKings ($DKNG)
Here on a Sunday night to give you autists some time to cross-check my info, start your RH instant deposit, and let your wife's bf know you're coming back with a vengeance. Here's an in-depth analysis on DraftKings and how to maximize profits over the foreseeable future to squeeze this for every tendie we can. Now that many states face revenue shortfalls due to the coronavirus pandemic and wider budget deficits, there needs to be a push to fill that gap and nothing is better positioned than sports betting.
As you all know, $DKNG came to market through a SPAC merging with Diamond Eagle back in April, at the worst of the pandemic when live sports were dead and there was more uncertainty than ever for what was to come. Jason Robins, Draft Kings CEO, has balls of steel and knew that they needed to get to market quickly for a sports betting run-up the likes of which we've never seen. Sports are now on their way back, with a huge amount of positive catalysts coming up in the next few months to skyrocket this stock to the moon and beyond.


I want to clarify that a large amount of my conviction from this play comes from the incredible management team leading the company. CEO Jason Robins is a stand-up guy and has led the company through a huge amount of scrutiny since its founding in 2012. He comes from a data analytics background which could not be a better fit for the sports betting business. He prioritizes the high speed data that fuels the DraftKings platform as its most valuable asset and speaks often on the commitment his team has to ethical values and encouraging a trustworthy environment for its users to gamble their paychecks on the DraftKings platform.
I've linked a great interview to get to know the CEO and give further insight into DraftKing's plans moving forward below and highly recommend anyone going in on this play give it a quick watch. Jason is optimistic about the future of state's legalizing mobile sports betting moving forward and says they will continue to invest boatloads of money into customer acquisition costs through TV ads and billboards on a state-by-state basis. Link:
Any of you who have come across DraftKings commercials, YouTube ads, billboards, know that their marketing is on point. This is a great play because DraftKing's expansion has occurred thus far on a state-by-state basis. This means that there's a large part of the nation (actually the majority) that is still ignorant to the sports betting wave that is coming in 2021. DraftKings is positioned extremely well to lead the way into the ~25 states still waiting to pass the bill.


The fact that the top 4 states in the country still have not legalized online sports betting presents a HUGE opportunity to ride this wave with little downside risk. Sports have already gone through the worst-case scenario during COVID shutdowns and survived—now we’ve got a great amount of positive catalysts coming up (NBA season, March madness, Super Bowl, etc.) that the general population is begging for some action on, paired with more money in their pocket from significantly less entertainment costs since the pandemic started.
The Wuhan Virus gave DraftKings a shot in the arm to streamline its way into most (if not all) of the remaining state's ballots during Q1 and Q2 due to the huge cut in tax revenues that the lockdowns caused across the country. Governor Cuomo of New York released a statement last week stating he is now considering the passing of mobile sports betting in order to raise the state's tax revenue during a time where Congress completely skipped them over in terms of providing aid through the stimmy. New York is a huge catalyst moving forward. In my opinion, this is a make or break for how things look for DraftKings moving forward, and will largely influence how other states react. Mobile sports betting scares states as it is new and so accessible, but if you do research into the Powerball and other loterry companies, it just took a push in the right direction for states to realize how much money they are leaving on the table by not participating in these emerging markets. Sports betting has already benefited the 9 states which passed the bill (NJ leading the way) and has NY as well as every other governor, feeling major FOMO.
Current states where online (mobile) sports betting laws have passed:
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Hampshire
  • Iowa
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Tennessee
Some of the reported revenues from sports betting:
New Jersey: $931.6 million
Pennsylvania: $491.9 million
Illinois: $434 million
Indiana: $250.8 million
Colorado: $231.2 million

On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court found the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the federal law prohibiting states from authorizing sports betting, to be unconstitutional. It is now up to individual states to decide if they want to authorize and regulate sports betting in their state. Congress can also take action on the authorization and regulation of sports betting but has so far left it up to individual states.
As you can see, states are cashing out on the mobile sports betting wave, with New Jersey leading the way and making a large part of that revenue from NY residents crossing state lines to get their gambling fix in. Gov. Cuomo has been opposed to legalizing sports betting in the past, calling it "a violation of the constitution"...buut that was before covid lockdowns and his state was drowning up to their neck in debt.
DraftKings management issued extremely bullish guidance without even taking into account new states passing legislation. This is one of the things that I love about CEO Jason Robins that stood out to me in the hours of interviews/articles I’ve looked over. This man is the pinnacle of underpromising and over delivering. The staff at Draft Kings are extremely customer centric and focused on strong ethics to help them provide a platform for sports aficionados to enhance their viewing experience.

Data-Driven/Proprietary Tech Stack (the MOAT)

Legislation aside, the other huge catalyst is DraftKing's unique approach to owning its own data and proprietary tech stack. I believe that this will be where DKNG separates itself from the competition that is rushing to this space and will give it the upper hand in acquiring, and retaining, a large percentage of new users across opening states.
From investor presentation: "Upon close of the business combination, DraftKings will become the only vertically-integrated pure-play sports betting and online gaming company based in the United States. Through the business combination, DraftKings expects to realize synergies by transitioning its risk and trading sports betting platform to SBTech’s, instead of relying on a third-party platform. In addition to reducing costs, DraftKings will control its backend system and product roadmap, differentiating the company from other U.S. operators and giving it the ability to tailor its sports betting product to U.S. sports and users."
"SBTech is a global leader in omni-channel sports betting and gaming, with more than 1,200 employees in 10 offices worldwide. Since 2007, the group has developed the industry’s most powerful online sports betting and casino platform, serving licensees in more than 15 regulated territories. SBTech’s clients include many of the world’s premier betting and gaming operators, state lotteries, land-based casinos, horse racing companies, and iGaming start-ups. The group supplies highly flexible betting and gaming solutions to clients looking for exceptional configurability and the quickest route to market, complemented by proven business intelligence and reporting capabilities. The SBTech offering includes its seamless sportsbook, Chameleon360 iGaming platform, managed services, on-property sportsbook and omni-channel solutions that provide players with constant access to sports and casino products across all online, mobile and retail channels. Supported by unrivaled expertise in trading and risk management, acquisition and CRM, and the highest standards of regulatory compliance, SBTech’s partners consistently achieve rapid growth, enhanced brand loyalty and record revenues."
DraftKings prioritized OWNING their own backend technology via this merger with SBTech, making them the first, and only company in this space to own their risk and trading platform. This gives DraftKings a huge edge to the rest of the market. It forked up the cash to keep everything in house not only to provide a better customer experience, but also to widen the moat against competitors as new states come onboard. The key here is to clarify that DraftKings and SBTech combined to be the only player in the market with 100% vertical integration and control of their own backend. Jason Robins and the rest of the management team are placing their efforts on having the best technology and the best product and really going all in on owning the U.S. landscape opening up, with as little need for cross-platform interaction as possible.
This acquisition of SBTech was a complete game changer because it allowed them to be independent from paying revenue share to a third-party for betting lines and risk management services.
Clarification: no other sports betting/fantasy sports/casino company currently has 100% vertical integration on the level that DraftKings has established.

iGaming Boom

This is where the market is missing the mark. Take the time to read over analyst reports, news articles, and interviews and you'll quickly notice 99% of the general market is completely glazing over DraftKing's iGaming sector. This industry has been a CA$H COW in Europe for awhile now, and is only getting started in the United States. Out of the companies that occupy this space, DraftKings is the only one to create one synergistic platform for Fantasy sports/Sportsbook/iGaming. This will be a huge value proposition that will ultimately rocket DraftKings to the top of the gaming market and solidify it as THE gaming powerhouse moving forward.

The infrastructure driving DraftKing's products and Tech (all in one platform)
Anyone that's watched the run of Skillz and the hype pushing PaySafe, knows how much anticipation there is for iGaming to become the new norm in the world of gambling. DraftKings has emerged as the market leader in each state they've launched in, and continue to gain more and more market share. Once new users get introduced to their platform, the cross-selling opportunity is limitless and creates an extremely sticky customer acquisition cycle.
Competitors like Penn and MGM are dinosaurs in this space and have been playing catch-up to DraftKings since 2012. The new age of gamblers don't want to drive to a physical casino location or buy a home desktop to gamble. Everything will be mobile and run in real-time. DraftKings has been building an incredible live-sports ecosystem (first to market) and innovates the possibilities of what you can bet on a daily basis. Just download the app for yourself and do some exploring. I believe this is going to boom in the TikTok/millennial crowd as more states start to hop onboard.

2021 Projections

Pulled from the investor presentation, $DKNG has smashed every one of their 2020 assumptions listed below. For any stats guys out there, I would love to see some models at how much of this market is still up for grabs. DraftKings has positioned themselves to be at the head of this movement, and I believe that 2021 will be the year we really see them take off into triple digits share prices.
The catalysts are there, and the market is ripe for the taking. Their projections are extremely conservative and management lets the numbers do the talking. In my opinion, this is a bet on the management putting the dots together to EXECUTE as state legislation starts to go their way, once NY happens this shift will occur rapidly.
The management is incredible and truly displays a vision for wanting to prop up shareholder value in the long-term through valuable data, a fully integrated platform, and aggressive customer acquisition to take control of this market as states realize the economic deficits which they are facing going into a new year. This along with the unprecedented hype that is going to be involved with sports events this year, will skyrocket DraftKings to new heights.
This is not a bet on sports betting alone, it is a play on a data-heavy and analytically driven behemoth, with strategic partnerships (league, team, and celebrity partnerships) and one of the most aggressive marketing strategies I have ever laid eyes on. The stock soared earlier this years upon news of the Michael Jordan partnership ( and there is many, many more big moves in the pipeline.


Long-term I am extremely bullish on people wanting risk to make up a daily part of their lives. The psychology of sports betting resembles that of the lottery and is becoming a must-have for people to have the choice to place bets from the convenience of their mobile phones. We are moving into a future where if risk and leverage are not involved, people will have little interest in dedicating their time to things. This shift can be seen with the boom in retail options trading (shoutout wsb gang) and will have a similar effect in sports, iGaming, and random prop bets/surveys that Draft Kings is innovating heavily in. This is not to mention the infrastructure that DKNG is continuing to build out to rival that of Europe in terms of live sports betting (which makes up three quarters of revenue for online sports books in the UK) and expanding their horizons to lesser betted on sports such as tennis, golf, soccer, etc.
If you've gotten this far, congrats you're just a few steps away from striking gold. Any feedback, comments, rebuttals, bear scenarios, etc. please comment. Good luck.


$70c 1/21/22
$90c 1/20/23
🚀🚀🚀 Bet at your own risk 🚀🚀🚀


DraftKings has state legislation action coming, incredible management, is data-driven, is vertically integrated/owns its tech stack, has exposure to the full range of new world gaming (Fantasy/Sportsbook/iGaming), and is ahead of its competition forming league, team, and celebrity partnerships.
$70c 1/21/22
$90c 1/20/23

Sources (do your own DD dumbass)
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